David Vickery

Sorrento 2022 – part 1

In the pool our eyes don’t meet at first, but through occasional glances, it is clear she recognises me as someone who’ll be a good listener.

So what do you think I do for a living?”  she asks after a few requisite niceties.

I hazard a guess – “HR”.

How do you know – HOW DO YOU KNOW?”  She turns to her husband, astonished, as if he had somehow prompted me.

And who do you think I work for?”  I’m clueless.

She is triumphant. “The Place, The Place!

 “The Place? The Place where?” I ask. 

THE PAHLACE THE PAHLACE” she almost screams, at me.  

Only then do I recognise through her rasping Northern Irish accent that.. she works for the cops!