David Vickery

TV and Radio

The most common question asked of any voice over is “Where can I hear you?” And most likely the answer is on TV and radio as the voice of commercials, sponsorship bumpers, documentaries and promos.


Commercials are always fun when the copy is sharp and to the point. And while it’s great to be part of a national campaign, the bread and butter work is for small companies advertising on individual stations.

National brands include Bosch, Miele, Henry Westons, eharmony and RSPCA.

One Voice Awards

I was thrilled to be nominated for Radio Commercials Best Performance (male) at the 2022 One Voice Awards for Leopoldstadt, broadcast on Classic FM. 

Listen to the ad above.

Friends Provident International

Voiceover style; Thoughtful, informative.

Seascapes Park

Voiceover style; Warm, welcoming, inviting.

Look After My Bills

Voiceover style; Wry, comedic.

Miles Express

Voiceover style; Friendly, warm, soft sell.

Ohio Lottery

Voiceover style; Friendly, gently wry.

We collect from your door

Voiceover style; soft sell, gently wry, thoughtful.

Ever Clean Cat Litter

Voiceover style; soft sell, personable, considerate.

Henry Westons Vintage Cider

Voiceover style; Characterful old farmer.

Sony Playstation, Christmas

Voiceover style; Amusing, wry.

Miele M Touch

Voiceover style; Light, welcoming, informative.

Miele Robot Scout

Voiceover style; welcoming, informative, luxurious.

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More than any other medium, I love narrating documentaries. You get so involved with story and simply “live it”.

Over the years, you’ll have heard me on around 3,500 re-versioned and original programmes for channels including Five, Five Select, Smithsonian, History, Crime and Investigation Network, Bio, National Geographic and Discovery.

One Voice Awards

I was thrilled to be nominated for Television Documentary Best Performance (male) at the 2022 One Voice Awards for the UK reversioned Ancient Engineering on My5.

Ancient Engineering on My5 – Award nominated

Voice style; Dramatic, informed, wonderment.

Doomsday Caught on Camera

Voiceover style; Dramatic.

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Promos or trailers – both are created to whet an appetite and deliver an audience to a programme. There’s a real craft to their making and placing.

Currently, I am one of the main promo voices on Turkey’s international, English speaking news channel TRT World, while previously have been a lead promo voice on national Classic FM.

The Factory on TRT World

Voiceover style; investigative, dramatic.

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