David Vickery

David Vickery Silver VOX smiling at the camera wearing a white t-shirt with headphones around his neck.

David Vickery is SilverVOX

I’m a voiceover, presenter, event host, Voice of God, programme narrator and storyteller typically working across businesses, education and pharma.

My absolute passion is lifting words from the page.

Who is David Vickery, SilverVOX?

In a career of parts, I have acted on stage and television, read the news on TV, presented a variety of TV programmes, sold double glazing (we can talk about that if you ask nicely!) and of course I voice… I love reading a script for the first time and deciding on my approach to it. It is what gets me out of bed!

Things you need to know

My voice

My voice is right for you if you’re looking for someone who is male, British and speaks neutral or standard English sometimes referred to as Received Pronunciation or RP. Narrations by Sir David Attenborough and Stephen Fry are considered RP.

Articulate, stylish and versatile.

Where you can hear me

There’s no typical place you’ll hear my work. 

But, here in the UK it could be on the BBC introducing tv programmes; in Germany sitting on a ride at Legoland Deutschland Resort, or Stuttgart admiring a classic car in the Porsche Museum. If you’re in Switzerland, I’ll guide you through transformational medical discoveries at the Novartis Pavillon in Basel. 

Possibly, you won’t want to hear my defibrillator voice!

My home studio

The majority of my work is recorded in my own studio in South London. I am happy to say that the audio quality is appreciated by high end studio engineers the world over. I put it down to good acoustic treatment and the ever trustworthy Neumann TLM 103 microphone.

Rates and fees

Everyone worries about cost.

I’m a fair minded person. Prices today aren’t the prices of yesteryear and so, in a budget conscious world, we can have a good conversation about what’s fair to you and what’s fair to me.

There’s a good chance I’ve answered your question on my FAQ page, but you can always contact me direct.