David Vickery

Voiceover for Education

Education never ends. Every day brings new learning experiences. When I completed the final exam for the final module at the end of my final year at Uni, I thought “that’s it”! not properly recognising that the University of Life was only just beginning! There are so many voices in my head who’ve helped me along the way, I’d like to think that some of the words I’ve spoken have benefitted others.


E-learning is known to trainees the world over. Complex subjects can be broken down into individual nuggets and approached in a learner’s own time and space. For multinational listeners, the spoken word is often necessarily accent-free.

I’ve recorded many hundreds of projects, most with NDA’s attached so just to say I typically work in Insurance, Oil and Gas, Automotive, Health and Safety and Engineering.

There’s no time to waste, valuable life lessons can be learned by contacting David Vickery SilverVOX.


Welcome to your new Company. For many an employee, an induction video is their first formal introduction to a company’s ethics and processes. Or, it may be that guests on a vessel are requested to view an instructional video on Covid policy. In both examples clarity of the message is paramount.

Safety messaging

I regularly record safety messages across the Oil and Gas industry including for the International Regulators’ Forum and others. Step onto a Scandlines ferry between Germany and Denmark and I’ll be your English voiceover companion for the crossing. Just to make certain that you are listening; on which deck will you find the lifeboats?

Nicko Cruises Hygiene protocols

Voiceover style; Informative.

PSA Indicators for managing risk

Voiceover style; Informed, direct.

The building blocks of a great relationship begin with an email.


Highly sophisticated animations, typically for drug companies, promote new products or convey the efficacy of products following experimental trials.

I have undertaken work for all major pharmaceutical manufacturers. Signed NDA’s so non-disclosure of client names.

Overcoming PWD in piglets

Voiceover style; informative, storytelling.

The best medicine for delivering a healthy future is only a short email exchange away.


The world of science is one in which I failed miserably as a child. Thankfully, it’s of far greater interest in adulthood and not just for corporate narrations.

I have found reading audiobooks on topics such as space travel, artificial intelligence and robotics to be completely absorbing. I hope you do, too.

Data Parallel C++

Voiceover style; Informed, knowledgable, tech savvy.

HIKVISION with webeye security monitoring

Voiceover style; Powerful, driven, direct.

Keel Asset Integrity Management

Voiceover style; Informative, clear, direct.

Innovation begins with your keypad…