David Vickery

Voice over for business

Whether talking to employees, other businesses or directly to consumers, videos and animations are now used more than ever before. Never forget, the audio is just as important as the visuals.


When a company wants to shout about what makes them distinctive or to celebrate achievements, a corporate video is often the favoured choice of communication. I’m typically used for the voiceover when there’s a need for authority or gravitas tempered by a friendly approachability.

And it is not just companies, I’ve sold the virtues of many cities worldwide!

Wittenstein Attocube

Voiceover style; forward thinking and dynamic.

CrayoNano Changing the UV LED industry

Voiceover style; powerful, dynamic and welcoming

Keck Chimie - more than a century of experience

Voiceover style; Bold, powerful, proud.

Arise IIP Africa

Voiceover style; informative, inspirational.

Realizeit Adaptive Training and Learning

Voiceover style; informative, inspirational, light standard American accent

Kensington Property

Voiceover style; Elegant, sophisticated, welcoming, luxurious

Telephone answering systems (IVR)

Press option 1… and we could well be talking!

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Fun or serious animations – which are possibly more informational than other types of business communication. My voice has been used in guides from bluetooth connectivity to pet insurance.


Voiceover style; gently wry.

This is Lyyti

Voiceover style; bright and cheerful.

Start Mail

Voiceover style; informed, to the point.

Mobile Capture: mobilise your business

Voiceover style; Informed, conversational.

COPD Choices

Voiceover style; Thoughtful, reflexive, considered, empathetic.

San Diego Humane Society

Voiceover style; Gruff characterisations


Voiceover style; Direct, lightly playful.

Damarel FINDnet Ground Handling

Voiceover style; Efficient, informed, factual.

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Museum Guides

For those of us who prefer a headset clamped on in preference to being one of a herd following a raised umbrella, the voice of a museum guide has to really really appeal. A leaden factual narrator can expunge any excitement or sense of discovery, whereas a voice sharing both enthusiasm and wonderment in just the right proportion can heighten the overall museum experience.

I am your guiding companion in exhibition centres including the Napoleon Museum Arenenberg, the Porsche Museum Stuttgart, the World Heritage Exhibition Amsterdam, Novartis Pavillon Basel and Virtual Veronese at the National Gallery.

Who’s more of the exhibitionist? You or me? Get in touch right now and let’s discuss.

Product Guides

Product guides require clarity of speech, particularly so when explaining procedures or product benefits. Or they can explain a product’s benefits. For Epson I voiced a series of videos fully describing their Orient watches (who knew!) and for W&H, manufacturers of dental equipment, a full suite of videos detailing product functionality and benefits.

Excite OSA Medical Video

Voiceover style; Factual, informative.

LISA V2 Dental Product Guide

Voiceover style; Factual, informative.

Orient World, World Diver Models

Voiceover style; Informative, relaxed.

Evomatic windows

Voiceover style; Informative, luxurious.


Cars or trucks. I don’t mind, I do both. Most recently, a full series of Mercedes / Daimler guides to a future of driver assisted products. And for Volvo trucks, a comprehensive multi-video guide to vehicle operations. For Škoda, mine was the voice for some of the most beautifully crafted launch videos I’ve ever seen.

Mercedes Feature Activation

Voiceover style; Informative, direct.

Škoda. Driven by Design. Inspiration

Voiceover style; Perceptive, inspirational.

Mercedes Trucks

Voiceover style; Light informative.

Wheels were made for turning, and that’s just what they’ll do – once you SilverVOX them! 
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