David Vickery

Live voiceover

I love live work. On television and on stage. The adrenaline kicks in and for a moment all eyes and ears are on you! If you’re a performer, it’s the buzz you yearn for.


Here in the UK, our national TV channels broadcast with live links between programmes. I have returned to being an announcer many times, and on many platforms, since I started on Channel 4 back in 1985. Watch the various clips here to see how styles have changed over time – and I hope you’ll still tune in to catch me on BBC Two and Four.

In addition to live announcing on BBC2, you can regularly hear recorded me on national BBC Four.

Previously I’ve announced for Discovery Channel, Artsworld, Biography Channel, Carlton Select, Disney and so many more.

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Just for fun...

Here are some continuity links from earlier.

Two of the Channel 4 announcements were recorded at the very beginning of my announcing career back in ’86, the Late Night Late promo is from around ’88 / ’89 and the Channel 5 launch video can be dated exactly to 30th March 1997.

My thanks to Dave King and also the Oliver Ashmole Collection for offering access to their archives.


I present on television, on stage, at corporate events and exhibition halls.

On television I read TVS NEWS, co-launched TVS’s Late Night Late, co-presented This Way Out on TVS, presented BRAT PACK quiz show on Granada TV, HIGH STREET on BSB, co-hosted ESPRESSO on Channel Five with junior government minister Edwina Currie, and fronted BEHIND THE SCREEN on BBC1 as well as daytime strand ROOM WITH A VIEWER.

Venues I’ve worked in include London’s National Gallery, Queen Elizabeth II Centre, BAFTA, The London Palladium, Alexandra Palace, Grosvenor House Hotel, Guild Hall, NEC and some of the larger exhibition halls in Germany.

Whether ad-lib or auto-cue, I’m a happy man!

News spoof

Voiceover style; Comedic, irreverent news anchor.

Understanding MRSA from Schulke

Voiceover style; Autocue, direct to camera.

And Action! Two favourite words of mine. If you’d like me to deliver yours, then email me now!

Voice of God (VOG)

Ladies and Gentlemen, would you please take your seats, tonight’s show is due to begin in 5 minutes…

Typically unseen, the Voice of God, or VOG is the driver behind many an award ceremony, helping to generate excitement by steering audiences through nominations, and announcing winners… “And Affenpinscher breeder of 2023 is… YAAAAY!”

If you were there, I hope my voice added to the occasion at:

  • Classic FM at the movies
  • Breaking Borders Music Awards
  • UK Global Metal Awards 2021
  • Eco Disruptive 2021

Ladies and Gentlemen! Please take your seats, the best position from which to craft your email, now!