David Vickery

MC at the PFS

MC Central Hall

On Friday, I once again had the honour of being Master of Ceremonies, MC, at the Personal Finance Society’s annual Graduation Ceremony.

This time it was very special.  For the first time ever the awards took place at Westminster Central Hall, on the same stage, where fifty years ago I took part in a Bible reading competition (I was twelve!).

I haven’t been back  in the interim but it certainly stirred memories.

The now Disney and Tolkien expert Brian Sibley drove 4 of us there.  He must have been able to park close by, as we were running late –  It was only in the few minutes prior to arrival that I learned I had prepared the wrong verses and had to quickly rehearse some different passages.

So much stress. 

However, all came good, and I won. You have to understand, I was a VERY competitive twelve year old.

The pleasure on Friday was seeing men and women receive recognition for the many hours of hard work and study placing them at the top of their profession.

Their “wins” will change people’s lives.