David Vickery

Brushing teeth for Christmas

It’s the second week of August. I visited the dentist yesterday morning. More accurately, my appointment was with the hygienist for my quarterly check-up. Teeth are important to me being a “tool of the trade”.

While I was waiting, Ceri, the receptionist suddenly declared “how quickly the year has flown by and it’ll soon be Christmas”. This really surprised me and I replied “well we haven’t had Autumn yet, let alone the first weeks of Winter; Christmas is a long way off!” Other patients chimed in, all disagreeing with me and all I could think to say was “don’t wish your life away”.

That afternoon, two radio ads came in for recording – one was for a panto, and the other a Winter special. So, maybe I need to be more future focussed as clearly, in the voiceover and wider world, the Christmas season really is upon us!

Anyone for Santa?