David Vickery

A studio with a view


Everyone should have a view, an outlook which they can appreciate.

Mine is the view from my studio window – five trees clustered in various neighbours’ gardens.

This view isn’t dramatic, or consequential in the greater scheme of things – but it certainly helps get me through the day allowing an alternative to the DAW on my computer screen and the microphone in my audio booth. It’s a connection to the outside world – very important for those of us who work mostly in isolation. I love watching the colours subtly alter through changing seasons, and the playfulness of birds on various branches.

Sadly, what I enjoy – others don’t. For some neighbours the trees are sun blockers, for others there’s a fear that roots will become unmanageable. Quite understandable in a row of Victorian terraced houses, all around 150 years old where scant attention was paid to putting in solid foundations.

For myself though, just a few quality moments enjoying my view allows me to quickly re-charge and refocus on the work ahead. I’d go as far to say that my view frames my sanity.