David Vickery

Case study – Michael Attwell from MAPTV


“A safe pair of hands” is how Michael Attwell describes David Vickery. 

When working as the commissioning editor for Channel 5 in 1997 Michael chose David to step in as the co-host for their new daily consumer show ‘Espresso’ when the main presenters went on holiday. Espresso was Channel 5’s answer to This Morning and Watchdog presented by husband and wife team Pattie Coldwell and Tony Kerner.

Having watched several showreels Michael felt that David’s warmth and charisma would be the perfect match to the doggedness of co-presenter Edwina Curry, who had turned to a career in broadcasting following the loss of her parliamentary seat. 

“David and Edwina were an unlikely pairing on paper,” confesses Michael, “But on screen they complemented each other perfectly. Viewers tuning into to watch a known show can sometimes switch off when the main presenters are away, yet when David and Edwina stood in viewers enjoyed the humour and seriousness that they both brought to the programme.”

Michael was particularly impressed by David’s adaptability; one moment he could be sympathising with a member of the public and then the next conducting a serious in-depth interview. 

“David managed to combine a friendly approach with a serious and tough interview technique; he could seamlessly switch between a range of styles. Not many people are this flexible and able to handle things as they happen during a live on air programme.”

Since meeting David, Michael has left Channel 5 to set up his own company, MAPTV, an independent production company.  He has remained in contact with David, collaborating with him to develop a number of ideas for potential programmes to submit to commissioning editors.