David Vickery

Mike Ivens – Telegraph Hill


“A consummate professional who brought the right level of authority to our social media spoof” says Mike Ivens at social media agency Telegraph Hill on David’s performance as news anchorman Cliff Remmington.

When the London based agency embarked on a different route to self promotion they decided to write, film and produce a series of news programmes taking a humorous look at the trivial things on social media. To lend gravitas to their spoof news channel Newsfeed 24 they held auditions for the key role of news anchorman.

“The moment David walked in we knew he would be right for the role,” acknowledges Mike, “He had an air of authority and charisma which assured us that he would be a believable news reader.”

“He was calm and patient through the long filming day – happy to accommodate our requests and willing to adapt his ‘character’ filming the same scenes to portray a different version and even reading the lines as we were writing them!”

The result is three short spoof comedy films where David, as anchorman Cliff Remmington, manages to keep his composure and deliver a very tongue in cheek look at social media. One film looks at the truth behind ahem, penis enlargement, whilst another explains how a man ruined a party. In the final film David remains equally unmoved by Jim and Sally’s break-up. The three films are destined to be sent out to Telegraph Hill’s clients but can also be viewed on David’s YouTube channel.