David Vickery

Case Study – Škoda


“I wanted a voice that could be both the voice of our designer, Josef providing an interior monologue and the voice of the brand – David fulfilled that role to perfection.” Anthony Underhill creative director for Fallon.

Consumers appetite for large sporty utility vehicles (SUV)’s continues to grow. At this year’s 2016 premier car show, held in Geneva, Škoda introduced their new concept car the Vision S. Designed by their chief designer, Josef Kaban, the Vision S will be developed into a production model over the next four years.

To coincide with the launch to the press in Geneva in March, Škoda commissioned a series of five beautifully crafted videos showing the inspirational route taken by Josef and his team. To complement the sultry mood to the films, which were narrative heavy, Škoda wanted to use a voiceover artist that would add the right tonality to encourage that crucial engagement with the audience.

David’s eloquent, calm delivery and warm, authoritative voice fitted their needs perfectly, so he was invited to Prague to record the scripts. “David was professionalism personified, we didn’t require many takes to get exactly what we needed,” creative director, Anthony Underhill recognised. “He really brought my scripts to life.”

The result is a campaign of five engaging videos which Skoda have used to launch their latest vision to wide acclaim.